Preventive Maintenance Will Prevent Insurance Claims

If you haven’t noticed we’ve done a couple videos on preventative maintenance. (And there are more to come) Looking for equipment failures and repairing them before they happen will save your clients money, make you money and avoid senseless claims against our insurance.

Recently we had a claim filed where a clamp on a flow meter failed and caused a bunch of water damage. Our member installed the flow meter about 5 years ago. It doesn’t seem like our guy did anything wrong. Now the Insurance egg heads have it. Who’s liable? Who knows.

The world of insurance is kind of like the legal world. Common sense does not always rule the day. A lawyer once told me you can go to court with a 100% dead bang winner and you have an 80% chance of winning.

What can we as service techs do? Simple, just cover your ass. Look for possible failures. A lot of clients want to get these potential problems squared away. Great! You make money on these repairs. Some clients don’t want to fix squat, I get it. With these people you have to inform them not matter how cheap they are. In writing, email or even verbally works. Make a note of what you told them and date it. This will give those insurance egg heads something to defend you with.

We we live in litigious world. Everybody thinks they can get the other guy to pay. We need to dig in and play the game everyone else is playing. And that game is “cover your ass”.

Steve Homer
UPA Veep